Forget Me Nots
Forget Me Nots

The Hand and Foot statues are a great alternative to a framed casting especially if you don't have that spare wall space!!

The castings are available in Plaster and Solid Bronze.

The prices below are for baby castings upto approximately 18 months.

If you would like a casting for an older child or adult, please contact me.


 Solid Bronze                         

Single hand / foot cast     £40 From £395  contact us for more details

Double Hand / foot cast



 Handclasp Child / Child 


 Handclasp Adult / Child


 Handclasp Adult / Adult


 Handclasp 3 hands


 Handclasp 4 hands

Family circle casting From £65 per hand  
3D casting 3D Hand and Foot Castings
Outprints Hand and Foot Out-Pints
Hand & Foot Statues Hand & Foot Statues
Silver hand & foot prints Silver Fingerprint Jewellery and Silver hand & foot print jewellery
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