Forget Me Nots
Forget Me Nots

The Hand and Foot statues are a great alternative to a framed casting especially if you don't have that spare wall space!!

The castings are available in a choice of materials; Stone, Clear Acrylic, Bronze Cold Metal and Solid Bronze.

The prices below are for baby castings upto approximately 18 months.

If you would like a casting for an older child or adult, please contact me.

  Stone          Acrylic bronze cold metal 

 Solid Bronze                         

Single hand / foot cast     £25     £50          £70 From £300 contact us for more details

Double Hand / foot cast


    £50     £100                      £140  

 Handclasp Child / Child 

    £80 not available            £175  

 Handclasp Adult / Child

    £90 not available          £200  

 Handclasp Adult / Adult

    £100 not available          £240  

 Handclasp 3 hands

    £150 not available          £310  

 Handclasp 4 hands

    £200 not available          £400  
Family circle casting From £60 per hand Not available Not available Price on request
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