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Framed Hand and Foot Castings in Manchester


3D Hand and foot casts

 A 3D hand and foot cast of your baby is the perfect way to capture every little wrinkle and crease, the ultimate way to preserve a moment in time!

3D Casts are an actual cast of your baby or childs hands and feet.

We only use a skin safe, non-toxic dental moulding agent to take the cast so is perfectly safe for even the most sensitive skin.

 The 3D hand and foot castings are suitable from birth to Adults and are available in a range metallic finishes.
They are beautifully framed and ready to hang on the wall!

Prices start from £70 for a single framed casting.



We also offer a range of frame styles.

 There is something to suit everyone's taste!

All our hand and foot castings and frames are hand made to order from the Manchester Studio. The process takes approximately 6 weeks to complete. If you need a cast for a specific date, please contact us as we can usually meet deadlines with 10 days notice (this may not apply for christmas, mothers day & fathers day)

Prices are displayed below.

*You need to provide a photograph for the frame.

All prices shown are for babies up to the age of approximately 1 year old. Please contact us if you require a casting for an older child.


Prices for family frames depend on the size of the largest cast. Please contact me if you require more information.

Appointments are necessary so please contact me to book.



Single Cast - One hand or one foot                                   £80

Single cast framed with a photograph                             £95

Pair - One hand & One foot, both hands or both feet   £100

Pair framed with a photograph                                        £120

Pair framed with a photograph in the centre                 £135

Full Cast - Both hands & both feet                                   £140

Full Cast framed with a photograph                                £160


'LOVE' frame                                                                       £150


In this moment...Time stood still  Pair                           £150                             

In this moment...Time stood still Full Cast                   £180



Accepted payment methods are cash or bank transfer.

A £20 deposit is required at the time of booking to secure your casting session, then the balance is required at the time of casting.

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